Whoop whoop, the serial is dead… for now.


Sorry to spring it on ya like this, but for the time being the serial will be a project held off in development. I’ll be quick about this, so here are my reasons:

  1. I have a lot of things on my plate at the moment. Multiple other projects, final school year starting up, and a bunch of other engagements that I’ve gotta sort out.
  2. I’ve joined a writer’s group that’s been an absolute charm in improving my writing. For now, I’m going to study with them for a bit. I’ve already learned loads of new things, and at the moment there’s a big rush to git gud. Both for school and for personal reasons.
  3. I’m also working on another project with them, which is taking up most of my time. It’s my main one, and frankly one I consider of the most importance.

And yeah. The serial was a small project of boredom anyway, and one that I thought I could accomplish on the side. Though now that my main project’s gotten truly kickstarted, I’m really just focusing on that while I become a hermit.

Peace boi. I’mma disappear for a while.


My Super Old Fanfic


Heyo. I’m back again, this time with some possible cringe from days past. 

Y’see, I was super into Danganronpa, once upon a time. The classes and the characters interested me. The focus on these characters were the main hook. I was absolutely infatuated with how unique each character was. I also adored the format of the death-games, and seeing how all these unique dudes and dudettes handled it.

It’s safe to say I was super obsessed. 

So I, uh, ended up making my own set, with my own death-game. And writing about it. Yep. Writing fanfics.

And they were actually okay… I think? Anyways, I wanted to put them in a place where they’d be easy to find. So here. 

Danganronpa: Stage Despair

The Class


CHAPT. 1-1

CHAPT. 1-2

I understand there’s hardly any parts. But I sorta just burned out. 

Who knows though? I might pick it up again.

My apologies!


Yeah. As you know, Cobalt Star's a thing, or will be. It'll start once I've completed the first batch—which is either half or all of season one (likely the former at this point).

But unfortunately, school happened, and I have a ton of things on my plate right now. So uh, it'll be a while before the serial actually begins.

Just a heads up.

What even is this?


Okay, okay. Now, you may be wondering just what sort of crap I have planned in order to fill up this blog. And, on top of that, why I’ve even created a blog in the first place.

Well, to answer that question, I’ve decided to undertake a project. Purely for my own gain and practice, yes, but it should be somewhat entertaining for you guys. At its core, this blog will be a sort of dumping space for my recent prose, edited and available for you guys to read. Y’know, ’cause why not.

The overlying project that’ll accompany all of that, my friend, will be a web serial. That’s right. A cool, long-running story with installments of 1000-1500 words, every Sunday sometime around 7:00 PM AEST. That serial will be known as Cobalt Star; a prelude to the novel that I wish to write someday. 

So, uh… Stay tuned, I guess.

Hello world!


This, my friends, is it. My very first post. The first post. The prime-primer for my sweet primetime. This day, Froppylion begins its rice pudding-fuelled climb to the top!