What even is this?


Okay, okay. Now, you may be wondering just what sort of crap I have planned in order to fill up this blog. And, on top of that, why I’ve even created a blog in the first place.

Well, to answer that question, I’ve decided to undertake a project. Purely for my own gain and practice, yes, but it should be somewhat entertaining for you guys. At its core, this blog will be a sort of dumping space for my recent prose, edited and available for you guys to read. Y’know, ’cause why not.

The overlying project that’ll accompany all of that, my friend, will be a web serial. That’s right. A cool, long-running story with installments of 1000-1500 words, every Sunday sometime around 7:00 PM AEST. That serial will be known as Cobalt Star; a prelude to the novel that I wish to write someday. 

So, uh… Stay tuned, I guess.


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